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Enlistment: Private Jesse Mcgee

My name is Jesse Mcgee, and I recently joined the union army to fight the rebels. Those damn rebels, they think just because Lincoln became the president, slavery is going to end immediately after! Along with Lincoln, I think that slavery should stay where it is, just not expand. I have nothing against slavery, and I am fighting this war to bring the nation back together. This doesn't mean that I am not making sacrifices though, I am leaving my wife, Kate, and my children behind. Hopefully they will be fine though, as my father isn't fighting as he is too old. The camp is not that good, the people in my regiment are fine, but the camp conditions are terrible. Every day we wake up, a commander yells at us, and the we do exercises. So far we haven't gotten to experience any combat, yet we many people are falling ill to the camp conditions. Anyway, I hope that the war will be over soon, so I can return to my lovely wife and kids.


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 My name is Thomas Norton. I can tell you one thing about myself, which is i love my wife choclate chip cookeys! They are the best thing in da world, and when i eat them, the choclate chips just melt in my mouth. It is so very delicious! I miss my lovely wife Harriet at home. I would love to come and see my very beautiful wife and her choclate chip cookys. I also need to say sory if I have a lot of words spell wrong, my education wasn't the very best back then. I am very exited to fight for the union, and it its my pleasure to. I promiss that I will always try my hardest like I do at home. I do expect a lot from you all. As I was saying about my favorite food to be choclate chip cookys, my least favorite is potatoes. If i had to eat a potato, it would bee the last thing i would eat! Few years back when I live in Ireland, there was a big breakout of potato blight. It scarred me for life, which was why I move to Springfield Illinois. I am proud man fighting f…