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Enlistment Blog: Private James Richardson

I’m James Richardson, a nineteen year old boy from Rockford, Illinois. My life has  definitely not the greatest, but you would assume it is growing up in a fairly large city . Being poor and growing up with eleven siblings would be tough for anyone so you probably guessed correctly that I’ve never been to a school. My family is so poor that I’d often steal to feed my family, but it didn’t always go so well. Being poor has taught me a lot and I will always love my home in Illinois, but I wanted change. I wanted to get as far away from home as possible. Okay so I definitely got away from home, but this was not what I was expecting. Somehow I ended up in Washington D.C. as a soldier fighting in the Civil War. I thought to myself this can’t be that bad, I mean I’m fighting in the North for a good cause which is abolishing slavery. During the war I often didn’t know what was going on, but that was ok because I only fought in the war for a year.


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 My name is Thomas Norton. I can tell you one thing about myself, which is i love my wife choclate chip cookeys! They are the best thing in da world, and when i eat them, the choclate chips just melt in my mouth. It is so very delicious! I miss my lovely wife Harriet at home. I would love to come and see my very beautiful wife and her choclate chip cookys. I also need to say sory if I have a lot of words spell wrong, my education wasn't the very best back then. I am very exited to fight for the union, and it its my pleasure to. I promiss that I will always try my hardest like I do at home. I do expect a lot from you all. As I was saying about my favorite food to be choclate chip cookys, my least favorite is potatoes. If i had to eat a potato, it would bee the last thing i would eat! Few years back when I live in Ireland, there was a big breakout of potato blight. It scarred me for life, which was why I move to Springfield Illinois. I am proud man fighting f…