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Blog 1864 - Zoe Nguyen - Thomas Norton

Don't want to join the Union Army? Here is something that will convince ya.
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Collaboration with Christina Nguyen


Purple = Vocabulary
Underlined Stuff = War Dispatches

Voice over-
Christina - Do you have nothing to do, and are just sitting at home and eating potato chips?

Then why don’t you join the union army!
Zoe -I’m sorry we meant that we are in need of new recruits to join the union army.

Voiceover - We serve absolutely delicious hardtack!

Zoe - We have the new and improved general
Christina - (said really fast) after McClellan was fired because he was a poor and incompetent general
Zoe - Grant!

Christina - Because McClellan was very very very very very very very salty (salty bae) he attempted to run for president
Zoe - *whisper* this doesn’t have to do with anything about joining the union -BEEP

Zoe - *pushing Christina out of film* We have our amazing President going for a 2nd term Abraham Lincoln to lead us to victory!

We are soldiers in the Union army and I’d like to tell you the pros and cons.
Pros: Christina - We wake up very late at 5 o'clock in the morning every single day
Zoe- Except on Mondays when we wake up at 3 in the morning to practice drills for battles
Zoe - We both don’t regret joining the union army! You even get free shopping bags under your eyes
Christina - *whispers* you aren’t supposed to say that -BEEP

Both- *waves flag unenthusiastic ally* Woo. Join the army. Woo.

Zoe -(enthusiastically) Join the Union Army! (bald cap falls off)
Hey! You’re a Woman!
Zoe-(covers head) NO I’M NOT!


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