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Dear Katie:

As  you may have gotten from my previous letter I have lost my leg. With any luck, I shall be headed home some time in the next few months. Good lord how I yearn to get out of this Hospital. It is right next to a battlefield, so when I am trying to rest or sleep, all I hear is screams of dying men. I do not like the soldiers life, but from what I've heard, we seem to be winning the war. We won the battle at Gettysburg, and took over Vicksburg. Then after that Lincoln outlawed slavery. Now I personally thought that Slavery should have just stayed where it was, that way the southern states would have been happy. However, I agree with Lincolns decision, as the south needs to have some sort of repercussions for starting a war and leaving this great nation. Anyway, how is life on the farm? Is everyone okay, how are our sons. Please let me now, as I can not wait to see them again.

Your Husband,



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