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Blog 1864 - Zoe Nguyen - Thomas Norton

Don't want to join the Union Army? Here is something that will convince ya.
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Collaboration with Christina Nguyen


Purple = Vocabulary
Underlined Stuff = War Dispatches

Voice over-
Christina - Do you have nothing to do, and are just sitting at home and eating potato chips?

Then why don’t you join the union army!
Zoe -I’m sorry we meant that we are in need of new recruits to join the union army.

Voiceover - We serve absolutely delicious hardtack!

Zoe - We have the new and improved general
Christina - (said really fast) after McClellan was fired because he was a poor and incompetent general
Zoe - Grant!

Christina - Because McClellan was very very very very very very very salty (salty bae) he attempted to run for president
Zoe - *whisper* this doesn’t have to do with anything about joining the union -BEEP

Zoe - *pushing Christina out of film…

Blog 1864 Casey

Dear Jesse:

We have received your last letter and we hope that you are okay. Getting shot and then getting your leg amputated just couldn't be pleasant I imagine. Nothing major has gone on around the farm, but the neighbors did tell us that their son was killed in the same battle you were shot in. It appears that you are rather lucky on that regard. Our sons are doing fine, and they yearn to see their father again. I told them about what happened to you, and they seemed concerned. I told them that you were going to be fine and that you will return soon. I hope that by the time you receive this letter, then you will be on your way home. I cannot wait to see you again, so we can continue living out our lived the way god intended it. Free of violence and suffering, in which we and all the neighbors are happy.

Your wife


Aidan blog set 3

Dear son,
I have participated in the bloodiest battle known in the civil war to this time. The Battle of Gettysburg . I Lost many comerades in this battle at many points I thought we would lose and I would never come back to you and the family. Even though we had the disadvantage most of the time our generals were able to pull through. I regret to inform you about this sense I know you are very religious and hate fighting, but I feel it needed to be said. Best of wishes to you back home and I hope you and I both keep safe.
Sincerely, Frank

1863 blog- Zari Abraham

Hello I'm James Richardson and life as a soldier is not great. This war is definitely making our country fall apart. With all of the fighting about slavery and the president many people don't know what to believe. I know exactly were I stand. I'm fighting for the Union because I believe that slavery is wrong. I mean no black person will ever be as great as a white person. I dont even need to go into detail to explain the obvious but, at the end of the day no human being should be treated worse than a horse or any animal. A black person should be able to live freely and make their own decisions. If the Constitution says "All men are created equal" that should go for everyone no matter the skin color.

Blog 1863 Casey Carter

Dear Katie:

As  you may have gotten from my previous letter I have lost my leg. With any luck, I shall be headed home some time in the next few months. Good lord how I yearn to get out of this Hospital. It is right next to a battlefield, so when I am trying to rest or sleep, all I hear is screams of dying men. I do not like the soldiers life, but from what I've heard, we seem to be winning the war. We won the battle at Gettysburg, and took over Vicksburg. Then after that Lincoln outlawed slavery. Now I personally thought that Slavery should have just stayed where it was, that way the southern states would have been happy. However, I agree with Lincolns decision, as the south needs to have some sort of repercussions for starting a war and leaving this great nation. Anyway, how is life on the farm? Is everyone okay, how are our sons. Please let me now, as I can not wait to see them again.

Your Husband,


1862 Aidan

The union army are having a winning streak and have gained control of Missouri, northern Arkansas, Kentucky, and western Tennessee, along with several coastal areas. But we have  lost the battle to take the capital in Richmond and they tried to take Kentucky and Maryland, but we have defended it and we got the victory. And I don't fight in the war I usually reload weapons and sometimes I carry messages back to the capital. But there is danger every where, there are small balls and cannons shots flying past my head. Dead body's everywhere and my fallen teammates, people yelling and screaming in pain. I see the people I trained with dead next to me, it is horrible here. But now the Union is now passing up the south.

1862 Blog Casey Carter

Dear Diary:

I currently do not know what day it is, so I will not put a date. All I know is that is 1862, and I am missing my leg. During a battle in Antietam, a bullet struck me in the leg. I fell unconscious, and when I woke up, I was in a hospital. I called for a nurse, and she said that I would be getting my leg amputated! I asked her if there was any other option, but she said that if it wasn't removed, the wound would get infected and I would die. A few hours later, I was taken to a room where a doctor put a rag on my face, and then I blacked out. I woke up to excruciating pain as if my leg was on fire. I would have thought so too if I could feel my leg once the pain stopped. I have been hobbling around on a pair of crutches, for the last 3 days in this putrid hospital. The only thing that overpowers the men's screams, is horrible stench of the dead. Dear Lord, please allow me to get out of this, and allow me to see my wife and kids again. I feel I have been through enou…

Blog Home 1861 - Casey

Dear Kate:

It has been nearly a year since this war started, and I still miss every day. I feel as if god has kept me alive in all the battle I have fought in. Those rebels, they destroyed one of our batteries, and captured many of our men. There were many points in which I should have died, but gods grace allowed me to keep living. At one point, I was surrounded by troops, while hiding in the mud ready to die. But thanks to gods grace, a group of reinforcements flanked me and my regiment, causing them to flee. That was good, but once I got back to camp, we had enough rations for each of us to have two helpings! Thank the lord of keeping me alive, I hope to see you and my lovely children some time soon.

Your Husband

Blog home 1861 - Aidan

Frank hill Hey guys I miss you, what have you been doing back there. Over here we have to do a lot of drills and march up hills everyday. I hope the weather is fine over there because here it rains a bunch and we have to walk through mud and puddles as well from every day. And my squad thinks that I am weird because I joined the army and I don't want to fight or even hold a gun. Right now we are learning about strategy and tactics which takes up most of our day. Also we have to eat hard tack but everyone here calls it soilder bread. I sometimes have to stay and watch the base at nighttime because the confederacy might try to sneak atack. There is many guns over here and some artillery. Make sure if there is water for the crops because you don't want to have no food. And I will try to send more letters home to you guys. I'll see you soon.

Civil War Blog 1861 - Thomas Norton - Zoe Nguyen

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News Script:

 Hello, I am Elizabeth Corray reporting from Civil News. Today is July 23 1861, and today on the line, is that a battle between the Union, and the Confederacy has started a few days ago. After eleven states seceded from the union, battles have going on between the union, and the confederacy. On July 16, 1861, 37,000 voluntary soldiers from the Union army marched into Virginia, with the intent of cutting the railroad at Manassas and moving to Richmond onward. The Union was ready to go, felt confident, and felt like it was another normal day, but indeed it wasn’t. Under the command of General Beauregard, 22,000 Confederate troops headed out North. General Beauregard had knew the plan the Union’s strategy , from a Confederate Spy. Then, General Beauregard deployed an  8 mile line of Confederate troops on one side of Bullrun Creek, with their artillery, staying …

Enlistment Blog: Private James Richardson

I’m James Richardson, a nineteen year old boy from Rockford, Illinois. My life has  definitely not the greatest, but you would assume it is growing up in a fairly large city . Being poor and growing up with eleven siblings would be tough for anyone so you probably guessed correctly that I’ve never been to a school. My family is so poor that I’d often steal to feed my family, but it didn’t always go so well. Being poor has taught me a lot and I will always love my home in Illinois, but I wanted change. I wanted to get as far away from home as possible. Okay so I definitely got away from home, but this was not what I was expecting. Somehow I ended up in Washington D.C. as a soldier fighting in the Civil War. I thought to myself this can’t be that bad, I mean I’m fighting in the North for a good cause which is abolishing slavery. During the war I often didn’t know what was going on, but that was ok because I only fought in the war for a year.

Enlistment Blog - Zoe Nguyen - Thomas Norton

Hello Fellow Regiments,
 My name is Thomas Norton. I can tell you one thing about myself, which is i love my wife choclate chip cookeys! They are the best thing in da world, and when i eat them, the choclate chips just melt in my mouth. It is so very delicious! I miss my lovely wife Harriet at home. I would love to come and see my very beautiful wife and her choclate chip cookys. I also need to say sory if I have a lot of words spell wrong, my education wasn't the very best back then. I am very exited to fight for the union, and it its my pleasure to. I promiss that I will always try my hardest like I do at home. I do expect a lot from you all. As I was saying about my favorite food to be choclate chip cookys, my least favorite is potatoes. If i had to eat a potato, it would bee the last thing i would eat! Few years back when I live in Ireland, there was a big breakout of potato blight. It scarred me for life, which was why I move to Springfield Illinois. I am proud man fighting f…

Enlistment blog

Aidan DiNunzio
Frank Hill.
Hi son I am going to miss you. I am in my army group called State Farm united. I hope you are doing well in math and going to church. Don't get into any trouble with your mom. You better keep my farm nice and make sure that your sister are helping out your mama. Don't get into and fights with the kids at the farm next to us. I am fighting on the north but not hurting anyone and I try not to get to any fights so I just keep low and stay quiet. The food here is terrible it is like grewl so be nice about the food over there. We sleep in tents here and it doesn't smell that good as well he have to wake up early and do drills for the union. Anyways say high to everyone for me and how's your weather there here it is horrible.

Enlistment: Private Jesse Mcgee

My name is Jesse Mcgee, and I recently joined the union army to fight the rebels. Those damn rebels, they think just because Lincoln became the president, slavery is going to end immediately after! Along with Lincoln, I think that slavery should stay where it is, just not expand. I have nothing against slavery, and I am fighting this war to bring the nation back together. This doesn't mean that I am not making sacrifices though, I am leaving my wife, Kate, and my children behind. Hopefully they will be fine though, as my father isn't fighting as he is too old. The camp is not that good, the people in my regiment are fine, but the camp conditions are terrible. Every day we wake up, a commander yells at us, and the we do exercises. So far we haven't gotten to experience any combat, yet we many people are falling ill to the camp conditions. Anyway, I hope that the war will be over soon, so I can return to my lovely wife and kids.