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The war has finally finished and we the union are victorious. We have got general lee to surrender so now the states are together and all the slaves are now free. We have all the weapons and the land, but the south has got meals for there health because they were very low on food and were staving. After the war president Lincoln was shot at a show. Which you probably know because the president was killed and now we are trying to catch the killer. So I will be going back to see you soon.
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1865 Blog- Zari Abraham

Today is April 15, 1865 and shocking news has come to all. President Lincoln has been shot by John Wilkes Booth. He was shot at 10:20 p.m. in Fords Theatre while watching "Our American Cousin." Lincoln being killed was no accident. We are trying yo catch the killer. By now the war has just ended and we do not have a president. The nation is divided and we need someone to lead our country. I will be back with more news later once I gather more information about Lincolns murder.

Thomas Norton - 1865 Blog Post - Zoe Nguyen

To : My Dear Harriet, Our beautiful six children, and papa Jonathan,

I have very good news to share -- I am coming home very soon! The war just ended, and I have very much to tell everyone. I cannot wait to come home and get bombarded with the sweet smell of my pretty wife's delicious chocolate chip cookies, the hugs from my six children, and a kiss from my dad. I have so much to say about this war.

When I got drafted into this war, I was a little nervous, but I was determined to fight for my country. I was earned my rank, as a Corporal. Ever since I had this experience, I have been stronger mentally and physically. I only got shot in the arm one time, but at least I didn't get a runner's wound like 5 other soldiers did. There were so many casualties, I was so lucky I didn't die or get injured very harshly.I would tell this to you guys face to face, but I think that you would be too bored with the story, so I'm writing this so if you do ever get bored of this story…

1865 Blog Casey Carter

Dear Diary:

It has been quite a long time, but the war is finally over. I feel it has taken long enough, and I feel relieved to know that it is over. I arrived home just a few months before the war ended, and I felt rather depressed at first. My sons were very upset when they saw my leg, and I was upset as well because I couldn't play with them. I also find it rather annoying that I can't work on the fields, because of my blasted leg. Other than that, I have been doing fine since. Once the war ended though, I was very excited. I felt as if I had been a part of something more than what I know, and that I would be remembered throughout history. I hope that the south recovers well, and that we can live as a nation together.

1864 Blog- Zari Abraham

My name is  James Richardson and I am a soldier for the Union army. We are currently at Sherman's March. The Union is in Atlanta, Georgia to give the South a sweet surprise. The Union soldiers and I went to the south wanting them to feel powerless and weak so we took one of their few port cities. Atlanta was one of their few port cities so by destroying could give us a big boost in the war. Throughout the war Sherman's March the south had many casualties, so many that you couldn't even clean it up , but we still won. We occupied their city for almost a day when the confederates withdrew. We later marched through pride after destroying one of the most important cites in the Confederate States of America.

1864 Aidan

Battle of Cold Harbor was know as one of the most bloodiest battle, and it was one of the last battles for union lt. gen Ulysses S. Grant because of his campaign ending soon. It lasted from May 32 to June 12. Thousands of union soldiers have been killed from the heavily defended location of the south. And Grant regretted doing the last assault because he had lost to general grant from  the south because he was protected from his left flank .

Blog 1864 - Zoe Nguyen - Thomas Norton

Don't want to join the Union Army? Here is something that will convince ya.
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Collaboration with Christina Nguyen


Purple = Vocabulary
Underlined Stuff = War Dispatches

Voice over-
Christina - Do you have nothing to do, and are just sitting at home and eating potato chips?

Then why don’t you join the union army!
Zoe -I’m sorry we meant that we are in need of new recruits to join the union army.

Voiceover - We serve absolutely delicious hardtack!

Zoe - We have the new and improved general
Christina - (said really fast) after McClellan was fired because he was a poor and incompetent general
Zoe - Grant!

Christina - Because McClellan was very very very very very very very salty (salty bae) he attempted to run for president
Zoe - *whisper* this doesn’t have to do with anything about joining the union -BEEP

Zoe - *pushing Christina out of film…